So i just finished watching Gandhi...

Jan 2013
Did Gandhi really fasted when muslims and hindus fought? And did the fighting stopped completely? Did EVERYONE had such respect for gandhi to the point where he could quell the ENTIRE nation into peace without a SINGLE FIGHT?

Crystal Rainbow

Ad Honorem
Feb 2011
Cumbernauld Scotland
Ghandi, had inspired the nation with his spirituality. He never used spirituality to control people or against other religions. I wish it would inspire other world leaders to the same.
Aug 2012
He did not stop every fight and Gandhi certainly had opposition but his influence during decolonization cannot be emphasized enough.
Jun 2013
At Partition, Gandhiji was immediately abandoned by the religion-divided masses of India, who set about mass-murdering each other in establishment of separate India and Pakistan polities. His utility as thorn in the side of the colonial British ended very abruptly, and virtually no one heeded his pleas for restraint in religious conflicts. He himself, of course, was murdered soon afterward by a fellow Hindu, an ethnocentric fanatic. There was no shortage of Indian ethnocentric fanatics in the runup to Partition, and there is no shortage today in the exploded Subcontinent of India-Pakistan-Bangladesh. Pacifists all suffer the same fate -- trampled underfoot by militants.