Sociology/Anthropology of our Earliest Civilizations

Feb 2017
Forgive me if this post is a bit loose, as I'm not well studied on the ancient period, but let's assume I'm talking about some of our earliest known civilizations where evidence exists - Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient China and similar.

What I'm curious about is this:

1) From a high level, what do we know and not know about these civilizations?
2) What are some of the best works of sociology and anthropology out there on these civilizations?

Thanks in advance


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Feb 2010
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-We don't know for exact the ethnic background of Sumerians

-We don't know were was the city of Akad, or if ever existed at all

-We don't know for exact where was Dilmun

-There seem to be a link between Elam, the Indus Valley Civilization and the Dravidians, but this is obscure

-We don't know why the Semitic people started to move into Sumerian Mesopotamia, and how they achieved a demographic superiority

-We don't know the path Indo-Aryan warriors followed into northwestern Mesopotamia, where they founded the kingdom of Mitanni

-Who were the Gutis?

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Dec 2015
It might be a bit more basic/general than you're looking for, but Marvin Harris' 'Our Kind' has some information on that. You might like his textbook 'Culture, Nature, People', too.

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