Soft prostitution will became "normal" in US and European universities (Molineux video)

Nov 2016
i though this site was for history, not some propaganda piece against women.
Of course he does (a conservative) propaganda, but one can also take it as a starting point for a philosophical sociological debate. Personally, I am not reliant on porno contacts, but I see the matter very liberally. There are several things to note here. In random order:

+ the well-known Streisand effect: by publicly denouncing something, you spread it and do an involuntary service to the disliked cause. Of course this is negligible in this case, because the poster with his thread only adds a drop to an ocean.

+ Soft porn means that the woman runs this business completely voluntarily. As long as she can reconcile this with her worldview, there is no problem. To decide for this business should be her right in a democracy. I am very much in favor of the feminist cause, but I am one of those who see prostitution as a cause over which a woman has a right of self-determination. Years ago I was once asked by a (very soft) pimp to dictate a letter of reconciliation to his call girl (in his name) who had left him. She earned so well that she once gave him a genuine Rolex with diamond splinters, just for love. Her answer was positive, she showed herself half reconciled. Then I had the idea to dictate to the pimp in a second letter that she should give up her business in order to pursue another profession. Big mistake! She scolded and insisted that no one should talk her into her life plan. So the reconciliation project was back to zero. I then left the rest to him.
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Sep 2011
It's clearly current events fare, but is Molyneux currently favoured by certain political factions in Hungary?
Oct 2019
This is politics, not history or philosophy.

Besides, citing Molyneux is a good way to kill your own credibility. If you're going to post politics at least don't cite radical crackpots as starting points.
I did not say that I agree with Molyneux in everything (because it is far from the reality) but he is a first class debater due to his very high verbal intelligence. If you watch back his long long chanell, you can see that he could easly defeat academic (leftist/liberal) philosophers in very serious live debates too...