Solutions foe Spatial Poverty


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Feb 2013
portland maine
Paul Jagueosky studying census track units. A census track unit consists of 4,300 preople. His findings showed that tracks having 40% of the residents under the federal poverty level ($23,000 family of 4. were increasing by the fastest margins. And that it was true for the white as well as the black community. Areas that had the highest growth in census track povety measures were from the Midwest and in mid size cities 300K to 1 million pop. Might anyone live in an area that meets these 2 criteria and can offer some personal observations? Prpoblems in this include:
1. The usual high povery census tracks also have the higher crime rates, & less effective school districts. Another concern I see is the lack of role models. Middle clas communities include parents that are employed as professionals or technicians. Expectation for schooling, and the awareness of a range of possible careers, as well as increased access to information and higher expectations are more present. I read a study that in black communities where students have access to adults working as professionals and or a steady period of blue collar employment have a higher rate of H.S. graduates. and students proceeding to college. Most of this is common sense. The next part is more difficult what are possible solutions? Does anyone know of the Columbia Maryland area that built an economic status integrated community? I remember the initial idea but never heard any follow up. In Portland Maine. where this is occurring at a much slower rate as we have very very few districts that have 40% below the fed poverty line. Neighborhoods that are lower SES tend to be the tansiant neighborhoods or the new immigrants moving into Portland. Portland does have a prett successful mentoring program for middle school age kids, and seems to offer ways for new immigrant famililes to become upwardly moble. Although a food manufacturer tha had a history of offering positions to new immigrant families has just in past year been sold and in process of becoming a lot smaller, Can economic integrated communities occur naturally? Or are there any other viable solutions?

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