Some Considerations on Origin and Development of Polytheism and Monotheism

Bart Dale

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Dec 2009
@ Tamnuz
"The Melanesian Trobriander, a hunter-gatherer-society, were found fully ignorant of fatherhood by ethnologist Malinowksi in the early 20th century."

The Trobrian population is agricultural not hunter gatherers ,
their culture has been used as some kind of Rousseauist ideal paradise of free sex and peacefulness

only one problem , it's a completely invented lie .
from Malinovsky to Margaret Mead the need to have an example of their theories made them invent one
Mead in particular would have her "research" throw out today as little more than fiction
but since it fitted the wishes and careers of their Academia circles , the lies were upheld , the critics silenced
...until discretely her thesis were gently laid to rest
A bit harsh on Meade. It is true that Meade many of the things that Meade.said were later shown not be supported by facts, but it may be the case of simply seeing f what she wanted to see rather than outright invention.

But it is true that most of were wrong, and her work should be dumped in the trash heap of bad field work and theory, much like Lamark's theories.

Bart Dale

Ad Honorem
Dec 2009

You wrote in a recently closed thread, where I presented the same arguments with regard to ´Paleolithic ignorance of fatherhood" as I do in this one here on page 1:

I found this statement deeply unbelievable ,
recent paleolithic societies like the Plain Indians or the Australian aborigines were fully aware of fatherhood

I know this argument, it can easily be refuted. Since fatherhood became known in early Neolithic, that is, about 10,000 years ago, there has been more than enough time for the diffusion of this knowledge all over the planet. So it comes with no surprise that today´s Paleolithic-like peoples have knowledge of that.

Genetic studies show that about 4,000 years ago Indian immigrants came to Australia and mixed with the indigene people, the Aborigines (11 % genetic material is Indian). So probably those Indians brought that knowledge to them.

Yet there seem to be exceptions. The Melanesian Trobriander, a hunter-gatherer-society, were found fully ignorant of fatherhood by ethnologist Malinowksi in the early 20th century.
You claim about Ancient Indians I. Australia has already been debunked, but the claim that the causes of fatherhood were only discover 10,000 years ago is equally dubious. We don't know what people knew or did not know 10,000 or 40,000 years ago, that is just speculation unsupported by actual facts.

The presence of lack there of of phallic symbols provez nothing either way. The phallic symbol is used in many socieities, but theh still know the causes of fatherhood.

And if the Melanesians were the only people that did not know about ffatherhood that would kill the claim.about 10,000 years ago, since there are other human populations that have been isolated foronger than that. But has shown by others, that claim isn't true either.