Some history questions

Jan 2007
Which of the folowing did the Great Elector of Prussia not do?

A. He made a tacit alliance with the landlord-nobles.

B. He ensured the political and social prestige of the peasants.

C. He greatly increased the financial resources of the government

D. He began the tradition of noble military and civil service to the government.

E. He built up a new professional army.

I wasnt to sure of this one.

and one more

A great Diference between Ivan IV,the Terrible, and Peter I, the Great, is

A. the savagery of the first and the sbutlety of the second.

B. The minimal successes of Ivan and the Tremendous ones of Peter.

C. The tender considertation shown to the nobles by Peter.

D. the degree to which they incorporated Western ideas into thier country.

E.Their views about the incorporated Western ideas into their country.



Forum Staff
Jan 2007
Hello Actual Size,

I think the "Great Elector" is Frederick William, Margrave of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia. It was he who got Prussia out from under Polish vassage. It was his son, Elector Frederick III (later King Frederick I of Prussia) who unified the two principalities under one proper government, and, I think, did all those things you listed.

And I think it would be an overstatement to say that Peter the Great was subtle, except only in comparison to Ivan IV.