some of sudan great history

May 2012
as we great everybody ( asslam alaykom ) peace be upon you

i hope you're all doing just great

i dont know exactly how i cam across this beautiful forum but anyway i am glad i did

so i'd like to introduce my self my name is Anas and am a mixture of cultures :)

so my father is half arab half sudanese nubian and my mother is an arabic moroccan with a lil bit of barbarian twist on her bloods , and really its amazing to grow up with this variety of cultures

so today i'd to like to share with you this video about Nubia the forgotten kingdom in the sudan

[ame=]BBC.Lost Kingdoms of Africa. Nubia. 1/6 - YouTube[/ame]

hope you enjoy
May 2012
sorry this is the full thing

[ame=]BBC - Lost Kingdoms of Africa (Nubia) - YouTube[/ame]