Something To Think About (Swahili Coast Edition)

Aug 2013
Non-Black Slaves In Zanzibar

Since British policymakers and redeemers singularly associated Africanness with slavery, European, Indian, and Persian slaves in Zanzibar became one of their primary concerns....
Book:Domesticating the World
African Consumerism and the Genealogies of Globalization

Side note: Sultan Seyyid Majid's mother was a Circassian slave.
Aug 2013
Barawanis From Al-Andalus

Afterwards Sultan Abu Bakari died and his son Sultan Bwana Mkuu reigned in the year 995. At this time foreigners came into the country of Pate and they were called Wabarawa. At one time they used to live at Barawa, but they were Arabs and their tribe is called Hatimii, a tribe renowned in Arabia, and their country was formerly called Andalusia. They arrived in Pate with much wealth, and they bought houses and even bought firewood.
Source: The Pate Chronicle

Aug 2013
Waungwana - The Owners of the Town

At the core of every Swahili village and town were a number of named series of male and female descendants, matrilineages that passed from mother to daughter and patrilineages that passed from father to son. Land was often held by corporate matrilineages of a mother and her daughters while political power, wealth, and status passed from fathers to sons. To prevent land, wealth, or status from becoming widely diffused,prominent families tended to intermarry, intertwining parallel matrilineages and patrilineages to keep land and power within a few interlocking families....
Book:The Swahili: Reconstructing the History and Language of an African Society, 800-1500

How did individuals become Waungwana? The easiest way would be to have had Waungwana parents....
Book:Domestic Architecture and the Use of Space An Interdisciplinary Cross-Cultural Study
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