Songs with the most profound lyrics

Feb 2019

I'm sure most if not all of you know this, but to be safe, Van Gogh was not appreciated for his art during his lifetime, and so, he shot himself. This song is about his misunderstood genius.

Keep them coming! :)
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Mar 2019
This is a song that has always spoken to me since I was a teenager hearing it for the first time.

He was selling postcards from a paper stand
Whiskey bottle in his withered hand
He put a finger on a photo from an old magazine
And saw himself in the shadow of his dream

They found him with his head inside a tin-pot crown
Told him his feet stank and took him downtown
Called him agitator, spy and thief
Shut him up in solitary third degree

He tried to appeal to the king of might
Said "I'm just exercising my sacred right"
The king he said "You ain't got no rights
You're a madman, a traitor, get outta my sight"

They put him aboard a well wound whirlwind
Pulled out his teeth and told him to grin
He gave them a smile, pulled out a bottle of wine
And said "I never existed, you've been wasting your time"
May 2018
Houston, TX
One year ago I lost a grandson to a long battle with drugs that ended with him dying from an overdose. I realize this song goes with that movie "Kelly's Heroes", but to me it is a capsule of how afraid he must have felt at the end. And I can't listen without crying. I dearly hope that no one here loses a loved one in that way. And if you or someone you know is in that state, please ask for help....

I miss you so much Sammie....
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Jan 2018
Well seeing this is a history forum I'll go with "Holy War" by Thin Lizzy.



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Dec 2011
Iowa USA
I don't know about profound, but since I lived as a younger version of myself in South Florida, I have always really enjoyed the lyrics to Beach Boys' "Sloop John B"! Great performance by the group which was (for a while) America's answer to The Beatles.


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
This one comes mind . Certainly one of the more profound in popular music.