Source on the Pronoia and Komnenian Taxation

Feb 2017
Rock Hill, South Carolina
Hey guys,

Can anyone recommend good sources on the Pronoia system and Komnenian taxation?



Ad Honorem
Feb 2011
Amelia, Virginia, USA
Komnenian economy has yet to receive a more recent treatment, but you'll want to look at Harvey's Economic Expansion in Byzantium, 900-1200 and Hendy's Studies in the Byzantine Monetary Economy. For pronoia, you're in luck - Mark Bartusis recently published a very large book on the topic.
I wasn’t aware of Bartusis’s new book. I was going to recommend his Late Byzantine Army, since it deals with pronoia and financing the Army, but this seems considerably more useful to O.P.
I found it to be somewhat arcane, I guess I lack the background to really understand the relationships. I’m just an interested amateur, after all.