South American soldiers

Jun 2011
The Old Dominion
There was Pedro Del Valle, marine Corps.
And Jamie Sabater also marine corps.
US naval aviator types:
Luis de Florez, MIT 1911, rose from Commander to Rear Admiral in three years, 1941 to 1944
Henry Gabriel Sanchez, USNA 1930, retired Rear Admiral
Robert Emmett Riera, USNA 1935, retired Rear Admiral

or in submarines
Marrion Frederic Ramiez de Arellano, USNA 1935, retired Captain
Rafael Celestino Benítez, USNA 1939, retired Rear Admiral

or surface line
José M. Cabanillas, USNA 1924, retired Rear Admiral (also qualified submariner)
Edmund Ernest Garcia, USNA 1927, retired Rear Admiral (also a qualified naval aviator)
Horacio Rivero Jr, USNA 1931, retired Admiral

quickly come to mind in the USN during WW2, just to name a few, a couple of whom I had the pleasure of knowing.
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