South Asian history and archaeology

Mar 2019

elaborate drawing of a camel/ IVC


three dancing girls/wide hips - IVC


mauryan figurine


Inscribed object in the shape of a double·shield or double-axe/ IVC


maurya coin 3rd century BC
Mar 2019
There is a story mentioned in the puranas, in which the torture of the demon brothers named sunda and upasunda had increased. They were received that they could only be killed by each other. For his destruction, Brahma created an amazing beauty of the world from the best things of the world. And when they saw him, they fought together to find him, and they were killed by each other.

(according to another story, the daughter of tilottama kashyap and ariṣṭā, who was a brahmin in the previous birth, who was cursed to be apsara in the crime of taking a bath. According to a second story, it was a woman named kubjā who got vaikunta from her penance. )

Keeping an awesome fact in front of you. Even though the story of sunda upasunda and tilottama is found in the Vedic Scriptures, it is also found in the (so called Vedic) civilization of Sindhu-Saraswati. Statistical was surprised to see a seal-Seal of 2500 years of 0 BC. This means clear. Sindhu-Saraswati civilization was also vedic.

Also posting a picture of the story that was opened in a temple in Cambodia for vinōdana.

cambodian relief


indus seal

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Mar 2019
Megasthenes's account of unwritten laws have been translated as ''illiteracy'' but this argument seems to be very dubious and flawed. Strabo also states that NW India had similar traditions but also mentions that they wrote on cloth, similarly after nearly two millennia western european priests reiterate the very same observation they made at jahangir's court, hence practically refuting the claim of illiterate india assertion based on megasthenes's account.



megasthenes does mention writing in his accounts despite his one statement.
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