South Dakota vs Iowa class


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Mar 2019
There are many things to be considered rather than which projectile makes the largest boom. Accuracy, penetration, and rate of fire, all of which are better with a 5" even in WW2, today the projectiles are so much better that a lower caliber weapon can due a significantly better level of damage than a much higher caliber weapon did in WW2.
Also we have to consider the era of heavy armor is all but gone. 5 inch guns are going to be adequate for anything likely to come into range these days.


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Aug 2016
Modern 5 inch rounds can also be smart rounds, much more likely to hit their targets. One reason the 16 inch round was necessary was because it could still destroy its target even if it obtained only a near miss. If you know you're going to hit your target, you can get by with a smaller round.
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