Southern Rhodesia: History of Colonial Zimbabwe

Feb 2019
The area known as Southern Rhodesia is roughly the size of modern Zimbabwe. After the split in 1923, Southern Rhodesia became known simply as Rhodesia. Previously, in 1922, nearly 30,000 white settlers in Southern Rhodesia voted for the area to become self-governing rather than integrated into the Union of South Africa.

Very soon after the annexation by the British government in 1923, Southern Rhodesia became a self-governing colony. As with Northern Rhodesia, the right to vote was tied primarily to property qualifications. While a few black Africans were elected to the assembly, the legislature was predominantly white.
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In 1930, the Southern Rhodesian Land Act was passed, excluding black Africans from owning the best farmland and creating a situation similar to the one experienced by the native people in....................

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