Soviet special operations units in WWII?

Oct 2015
This is from Wikipedia: "One October 22, 1938, during wargaming between units of the Russian Pacific Fleet in Vladivostok, a group of Soviet military divers exited a Shch-112 submarine through a torpedo tube, entered the naval base and completed certain acts of sabotage. These combat divers were equipped with oxygen rebreathers, dry suits, handguns and grenades. This did not lead to a permanent combat diver unit being set up, but it was the beginning of the history of combat divers.[3]
The Soviet Union started frogman operations during World War II. The first unit of combat divers (or RON team), was formed in Leningrad in 1941. Soviet combat divers were quite successful during World War Two. They performed a variety of missions numbering well over 200 operations.[4] These operations consisted of more than just combat operations and demolitions. There were many rescue missions which also included female divers recovering weapons and other military equipment from sunken cargo ships.[5] Other operations also included making minor repairs of ships that were afloat and clearing approaches to wharf facilities at the sites of fords across the Volga river.[5] There were also operations which involved recovering the dead that were present on sunken ships or in the Volga river."

Here is an entry about Russian commando frogmen: Russian commando frogmen - Wikipedia HyDTOJ4.jpg