Soviet Union, NKVD, and Katyn Massacre


Ad Honoris
May 2014
Did you ever question why Polish 'intellectuals' were executed? In reality those were administration in occupied western Ukraine, western B elarus, south-eastern Lithuania by Poland since 1921. As well as some military personnel.
Peace of Riga - Wikipedia

In those times many people were under the hummer. Was it a crime? Yes, it was a crime. Ask Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians if they feel for those Poles. They have mix feelings. On one hand we understand it was a crime, on the other - they should not have come to western Ukraine, western Belarus, south-eastern Lithuania. I mean in western Ukraine (Volyn) far worse things happened to Poles just few years after Katyn (1940).
For what it's worth, there actually were significant Polish communities in both eastern Galicia and the Vilnius area. Thus, in those areas, the Polish presence wasn't merely one of colonists.

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