Soweto Uprising - Black School Children Protest

Feb 2019
A law was enacted on South Africa that forced all black schools in the country to adopt the use of Afrikaans (language of the Boers) and English in a 50-50 mix for instructions, the Afrikaans Medium Decree of 1974". Afrikaans had to be used for mathematics, social studies and arithmetic from standard five while English would be used for general science and practical subject but indigenous languages could only be used for religious instructions, music and physical culture.

On 16 June 1976, an estimate of about 20,000 black students from different high schools all over the country march round in critism of the Decree after it implementation on January 1, 1976 and the idea of learning through Afrikaans in school, the first stage of the protest started in Orlando Stadium which the students from different schools gathered for the rally both those that were aware of it before that day and those that got the information on the spot but still follow with the movement.
When the march started, the students sang and displayed placard showing slogans like "Down with Afrikaans", "Viva Azania" and "if we must do Afrikaans, Vorster must do Zulu". The protest was intended to be peaceful which it was until the police blocked their route and they had to change direction in other not to create any violence but the Police started releasing dogs on the students who killed it to avoid.........

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