Speculative/Alternative fiction?


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Apr 2008
Sodom and Begorrah
The first four books in the series are available from http://www.baen.com in e-book form. FREE.
thanks chookie I already went to the site but I don't fancy reading off a screen and I can't be bothered printing it all out. Reckon I'll wait for the real thing. Iwas reading that making the books free in this way actually increased sales of the real books.


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Nov 2007
I prefer my books in dead tree format too, but e-books take up a helluva lot less room.
The Man in the High Castle - P K Dick
Illuminates the question: is it possible to speculate on alternative history?

Pavane - Keith Roberts
Explores a present in which science and technology have been stultified, but not ingenuity.

Time's Tapestry - Stephen Baxter
Covers vast sweep of history, but with subtle transformations.

The Separation - Christopher Priest
Various takes on WWII in which "real" reality becomes unclear.