Stalin doesn't purge the Soviet officer corps in 1937-1938


Ad Honoris
May 2014
What would the effects have been had Stalin not purged the Soviet officer corps in 1937-1938 but rather allowed them to continue doing their jobs? For instance, with a stronger Soviet Union, are Britain and France going to be more willing to form an anti-Nazi alliance with them? What about Operation Barbarossa? Does it still occur if the Soviet Union appears much stronger--or do the Nazis decide to finish off Britain first before going after the Soviets in this scenario? For that matter, how does the Soviet-Finnish Winter War look like in this scenario?

Any thoughts on all of this?
Oct 2016
best case scenario; USSR crushes nazis in 1942-43 then coups Stalin out of existence.
no soviet enslavement of much of Europe. no Cold War.
everybody lives happily ever after.

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