Statue of Liberty: Egyptian Reject and French Hand-Me-Down?

Dec 2018
Caught a History at The Museum and saw a story on the Opening of the Suez Canal, I pretty much take most of the stories with a grain of salt, because some are probably fabricated, or changed for some reason or another or just plain told wrong.

What I found interesting about this episode is that for the opening of The Suez Canal the French wanted to memorialize the occasion with a building at the opening of the Harbor, to honor the occasion.
A light house was proposed, but a relative unknown sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi won the competition with a "redesign of the Colossus of Rhodes like statue". A female statue with a raised arm holding a torch? Sound familiar.

I had always wondered about the details surrounding Lady Liberty, even as a kid, I would hear she was a gift from the French, what a bunch of nice fellas. Built by Eiffel, Talented architect. that was pretty much it.

Apparently as the story goes on "history at the museum" after seeing The "veiled statue plans" the plan was rejected? And a lighthouse was built.

My Contention is that was not the plans sent to Egypt but the actual Statue of Liberty., Because the statue had no veil, the reason she was rejected from the Suez canal harbor opening?

My theory is that after Egypt received the statue, they learned of the unveiled face and most likely refused to put it up, maybe the cost of a building base for the statue had something to do with it, also. My theory that this statue probably was built already and in Egypt, Who was going to pay to ship it back to France?

She probably most likely was purchased by American Aristocracy, second hand and brought to New York from Egypt.

It makes you wonder if Lady Liberty could actually of been pulled off a Discount Rack?

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi - Wikipedia

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Oct 2018
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Fascinating. Those sneaky Frenchmen and lying US politicians

.It's a wonder that the US yellow press didn't get hold of such a juicy story.

1886: Perhaps just a smidge early for Hearst; in 1886 he was 23, and had just taken over his first newspaper, in San Francisco.. Joseph Pulitzer had a vested interest ; He had campaigned to keep the statue in New York

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Dec 2009
Lady Liberty The Biggest Refugee Ever to come to America:)

So next time someone says she was given to America By France
I'd take it with a grain of salt.
So what? The US got a nice big statue for free, why should we complain, whatever the motives was the French gave it to the US.

Personally, I think the creator of the statue just wanted it on display where lots of people.woild see it, and what better place than New York harbor?
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Dec 2018
My contention is that Full Size Liberty was probably constructed sometime in the 1850's to sell shares in the French Sponsored Suez Canal project and to be used as a Port Said Lighthouse and Harbor Opening. Sent to Egypt, and Egyptians refused to erect it.

Most likely a few changes were made to the statue, 1776 date on book in hand, shackle around foot, and then she was most likely bought by Pulitzer and other American Aristocracy.
After the English took control of the Canal in 1875, she was probably still in boxes on the beach.

The changes to the statue probably occurred sometime in the 1870's. 150605-statue-of-liberty-02.jpg 08.jpg
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