Status and consolidation of Hinduism in the North East India

Oct 2015
Actually I belonged to adi community of arunachal and it is the 2nd largest tribe of arunachal Pradesh. We fall into Tani clan of arunachal which constitutes of 6 tribes and are mainly the followers of animist religion ie donyi poloism. In donyi poloism mother nature is worshipped n sacrifices are made to please the spirits. Arunachal mainly constitutes of Tani tribes which follow donyi poloism. Other non Tani tribes follow Buddhism n their other respective gods. Apart from donyi poloism other tribes have their own God and they practice another form of animism that is little different from donyi polo.
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I could find information about Donyi Polo on internet. There are also 400 temples for worship.

It is well-established in contemporary Indian culture. There is a railway train by name of 'Donyi Polo' [6] and there was a question in IAS exam on it [4]. It finds mention in a PhD Thesis [7].

The challenge is to get youngsters to adhere to it (which is the challenge for all religions). Other than that there is no cause of concern. In my view Hindu religion has hundreds of sub-traditions and is fine with parallel religions as well. President of Israel said a few days back that Indian is the only country in the world where Jews have not been persecuted.



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Apr 2019
Hinduism in Manipur was brought by Bengali priests. Santi das gosai was one of them. It was during 1709 under the rule of king pamheiba who later change his name to Garib niwas after his conversion to hinduism. If you guys search for puya mei-thaba, you might find some information. Meetei are divided in two right now. One Hinduism following meetei and another sanamahism following meetei. Plus meetei have mix culture now as introduction of Hinduism and making meetei worshipping both religion both to mix culture. Old culture change. Ritual were handed to brahmin. Brahmin are two types one who handle meetei ritual, and one who handle hindu ritual. Although meetei society originally don't have brahmin, now it have. After the introduction of Hinduism, sanamahism almost extinct and remain in the shadow. But several generations after meetei start seeking sanamahism more. Like Hindu have Ghar wapsi. Many meetei leave hinduism and return to sanamahism. And start revival of sanamahism. Meetei scripts known as meetei mayek was also separated from meetei but few years back, it was revive. Even in the Hindu newspaper it was mentioned. But still many Indian from other sides have misunderstanding of sanamahism and manipur. Manipur name was give recently. It was formerly known as kangleipak. Meetei have might be a community but it's like organisation if we look at different way. As it was form by 7 clans. Meetei have salai taret flag(a flag with seven colour). Each colour represent each clan. And each clan have got their own sword(different from each other). If we see meetei, we can say meetei is one of the advanced tribe of those time, as meetei got its own civilization, culture, religion, holy book, books like Vedas, myths, epic, etc.
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