STOP saying the bible promotes slavery!!

Apr 2018
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You are not taking the entire context of the passage. When reading the full passage, and not just the few line you cited, it is clear the woman being sold was as if for a wife - if the master does not have sex with the woman, she may be ransomed back, and if she is given to the son, it is specifically stated she should be treated as.daughter. She is to go auto.atically free if the Master does not provide her with the first of meat, clothes, and conjugal rights. The Master is also not allowed to resell her. Naturally, if she is being treated as a wife, she couldn't be lowed to fee like a male slave.
No,the passage clearly stated "as a servant",if bible meant as a wife,i am pretty sure it would have been written "as a wife".

and the three things were if someone marries other women not someone purchased as servant.

The literacy rate for.woman traditionally lagged in India and many other societies from Christin and Jewish societies when we had good statical in formation. Women in colonial America had higher rates of literacy than women in early 20th centuries later, and European has a hither literacy rate even today, even if the gap has narrowed.
And that was after colonization,in india states with indirect rule had very high literacy rate compared to states that were directly under british rule.

and this comparision only shows england in bad light,not india.
but anyway you did not answer,how can you compare bible with india?? in what sense is that a fair comparision?

As for the dangers visited by God, that is part of the greater problem of evil. Note, women can be guilty just as men are in performing or promoting evil acts. Even if they don't go out conquering themselves, they might encourage their menfolk to commit the is that relevant??the god was clearly sending women to be raped for no fault of their own,whether or not some women agree with this practice is irrelevant.

We don't know the circumstances. Maybe the women deliberately did it to show contemporary to their husbands, did it deliberately to humiliate theie husband's for whom they had no respect for all we know
umm no,what we have is god sending wives of husband to be raped because fault of the husband.
you can't possibly be defending this,especially in this age.

You have to judge something by the standards of the time and setting. The laws laid down for the ancient Hebrews were not always applicable for all time, but often applicable for the people in their given level of social development and setting, which is why they are are not practiced any more. This was clearly understood. Obviously, what happens in 20th century and 21th century is off far greater relevance and importance of what happened 3000 years ago. The Bible often records the flaws and failings of people, even highly regarded people in the Bible, and many laws given because of the limited understanding and capacity of the people at that time. The Bible does make that clear later that some laws were given because of the limited understanding of the people
This still does not justify comparing bible to india,you can compare indian "holy" texts to bible for that,but not india,its makes zero sense that way.

but this are not failings of people,these are failing of god,it was god who justified using rape in war,or to solve adultery.

It is one thing to tolerate something 3000 years ago, quite another to tolerate such practices today. Even if the majority of Indians don't practice them if allows them they are somewhat responsible.
like what exactly?and how does any of it has to do with topic at hand?

What described did happen, that is reality of when the Babylonians captured Jerusalem. Sometimes dire results happen as a consequence of own actions. If someone predicts you will die young and poor and lying gutter if you continue to abuse cocaine, and it happens, that is not the fault of the person who predicted it. The Jews were repeatedly warned of the dire consequences their actions would have if they continued them, but they did not stop.
may i am not getting your point here,or maybe i have misinterpreted the verse in question.
My interpretation is that god is saying that women will get raped when the city is captured by people worshipping him.

Colonization is not responsible for India rejecting the printing press for centuries, not the lack of literacy that resulted from that rejection. Nor was colonialism responsible for th practice of sati, and the Indians continued practice that other civilized people had long before abandoned. Nor for the rather backwards of temple prostitution, which other parts of the world had abandoned thousands of years earlier. Not all.of the problems of India were caused by colonialism. The events of recent history are off far more relevance than the ancient past.
When did i ever say all problem of india was due to colonization?
but less literacy surely was,i already gave example of directly and indirectly ruled places by british.

and i guess witch burning is civilized practice,and so is slavery cause none these were abandoned "1000s of years ago"

I would like to point out out that this thread was about the issue of slavery, and.most of what you posted was not about slavery, but you just used to bash the beliefs of others.
my response was mostly about that,i do get that i de-railed it a bit,for that i apologize.
Dec 2014
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The Bible does include slavery and it doesn't have any prohibitions or criticism of slavery. Most of what it talks about on the topic is more about how slaves should be acquired and treated, not slavery as a topic.

Also, slavery definitely existed in Christian countries; the USA, Spain, and Portugal had slaves in the Americas and justified it through scripture.

Even if the Bible doesn't encourage slavery, it doesn't prohibit it either and it has been used by groups to justify the practice.
“The Bible Was Used to Justify Slavery in America”

This is sad but very true. The Bible was indeed used by some as a way to justify slavery by focusing on a curse against Canaan in the book of Genesis. The argument was that this curse was actually upon Noah’s son Ham, who settled in the continent of Africa and thus all African people were cursed and thus slavery was permissible. Not only was this position not in the Bible (the Canaanite people are not Africans and in fact no longer existed at the time of African slavery in America), it ignored all of the rules for slaves that have been covered above. Just as we see today, there are many people who will misuse the Bible for one primary reason: money. The heretic slave owners who did this were just manipulating the Bible for money in the same fashion apostate Prosperity Gospel preachers twist the Scripture and pervert the Bible’s meaning to seduce their congregations into sending them money.