Successful Communist countries.

Edric Streona

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Feb 2016
Could any communist country be described as successful?
In that they lasted for several generations, were not conquered, maintained a generally good standard of living comparable to the west, did not require massscres and repression, people were happy and there was no secret police type of deal...?

The closest seems to be Cuba..


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Apr 2017
Las Vegas, NV USA
Countries that call themselves communist like Vietnam and China perhaps. However the only real communist countries left are North Korea and Cuba. Successful compared to what? Neither has a standard of living comparable to the west. Both have repressive governments. Venezuela's socialist experiment is a disaster.
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Jun 2017
Well there hasn't been Communist countries because a Communist country needs to be industrialized(and a Communist revolution has never occurred in a industrial country). Communist countries are countries founded that wanted to be Communist and were working towards that goal. I would agree Cuba nonetheless of the group not counting the symbolically Communist countries like China and Vietnam, seeing it's size and population pretty debatable if Cuba would be doing better w/o the embargo if it was Capitalist because it didn't have the resources to be a power house anyway.

Note North Korea is not "Communist", not even symbolically to the extent China and Vietnam are, North Korea's political philosophy is Juche which is centered around worship of the Kim family that has more in common with European monarchy. I mean the center of that cult of personality was a Marxist and there's a Workers Party and all but that's based on Marxism's history with the Kim's not so much Marxism itself.
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Mar 2012
The basic test of a successful state is that it allows its people to emigrate, and they choose to stay. Cuba, like its Marxist brethren, has failed that test miserably.
Nov 2014
Birmingham, UK
I'd say if you compare Cuba to the horror-show countries that are neighbours or near-neighbours in the Carribean and Central America its a big success- who would rather live in El Salvador or Haiti than Cuba?
Jun 2016
If I had choice I'd prefer Vietnam to any Western capitalist country. Health care, life condition, absense of criminality etc. Pity Vietnam doesn't welcome downshifters. Cuba isn't much worse, but still they don't allow to settle there.


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Apr 2015
Communism is a fantasy just to fool the masses. Its just an another form of brutal dictatorship. Worship no god but worship Stalin or Mao as gods.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
Successful? Communism? In the same sentence? Nah, mate, that must be a mistake ...