Sugar Plantations of the Old South

May 2017
I know this may be a discussion on American sugar , but in The Carib were sugar was King it was very common , for slaves to hold very high positions in the production of sugar and rum !The head man on the plantation was called " the Bomba ". That word is still today used . There were many plantations that the owners placed such trust in their slaves that the owners would sail back to Europe for years and leave the running of the farm/plantation to slaves and a local lawyer in the towns . I am away from my reference material but I worked with and studied under one of the finest historians in the Carib [ Lito Vals ] for 13 years . I believe that the threat of violence did not pay as large a part in plantation life as some on here imply .
Sep 2012
Tarkington, Texas
Some of you guys really need to see an actual Sugar Plantation. The Sugar Cane Fields of Louisiana were some of the most dangerous work a slave can do. If you drive down I-10 you can see all kinds of Sugar Cane fields. You need very fertile fields to grow a crop. The average season for growing Sugar in Louisiana was 13 months.

Some of the Plantations around New Iberia still have the old slave quarters. They are rented out to farm workers now.

Sugar Cane grinding produces a lot of trash that attracts rats. The Rats attract snakes. The Eastern Diamondback Rattler and Water Moccasin love Rats. The Slaves have to hoe the fields when it is young and cut off the leaves after the fields are burned before being grinding. To plant Sugar Cane you can go several different ways. You can cut the Cane into sections and stick it into the ground. You can also leave the last section going into the ground (less work but decreasing yield). You can also plant the seed. The best areas to plant are in the old deltas of the Mississippi River in South Louisiana. The Lafourche Bayou and the Mississippi River Delta are the best areas. The Prairie areas of South Louisiana can also be used if you use enough fertilizer.

Being "Sold Down The River" to a Louisiana Sugar Plantation was considered the worst job a Slave could get. There was no where else the Slave could be sold. During the Civil War, the first thing the Union Army did was allow all the local field hands to run away to "freedom". The Male Slaves were either drafted into the Army or sent to work on Plantations in "occupied territory".
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