Suggest some good history based TV series

Feb 2012
I think I found that TV show I mentioned earlier, it's Hawkmoor (1978) and tells the story of Welsh folk heroTwm Siôn Cati. I cant't be sure if it is the same TV show because there are no videos on youtube and the short clips on BBC are not available on my location, but the date it aired, the title and story description bear similarities though there is no mention to the hawk mask.
It seems the book is the only remainder of the show:
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Nov 2017
Samurai Champloo. It's very fantastic, with characters throwing ki blasts and performing ridiculous superhuman feats and some very bad jokes and stereotypes, but it's a very good anime overall with some of the best soundtracks. It's centred on 17th century Japan after the Shimabara rebellion and can be deemed as a kind of Martial Arts Western.
Oct 2017
Dominic West has read the Flashman novels for the audiobooks and also suggested himself as the least if there ever is a miniserie. Search DOMINIC WEST +FLASHMAN in Google Images and see for yourself. He is a fine actor (have you seen "The Wire" and "The Hour"?)
Gerald Butler would also make a fine Flashman.
With all due respect to Mr West, the original and in my opinion far superior narrator of the Flashman audiobooks was the late David Case. His voices and accents were without equal (especially when doing the ladies!). Both he and GMF are much missed in this quarter.

Nov 2011
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Also has anybody seen an old TV series about Lancasters called Pathfinders?

P.S. Frontier sounds interesting Aemilianus.
I remember it well ---it was laughed off of the airwaves as there were many former bomber crews still around, hale and hearty when it was screened. Some actors couldn't be bothered to cut their hair (we all had long hair back then) and visibly had it pinned up. The main cast seemed to have been influenced by Noel Coward plays and acted like a bunch of nancy-boys rather than steely-eyed killers and the director/writer had obviously never been in the forces based on how he allowed O/Rs to talk to officers.
The Lancasters were really, really poor models--embarrassingly crude.
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Has anyone watched Netflix's Roman Empire? They've been doing some really good stuff, but the trailer for it looks... meh.
Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
Best historical series (about actual historical events) that I have seen is Fall of Eagles, about the dynastic affairs of Britain, Germany and Russia up to WW1. It is all on youtube, this is my favourite episode:


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