Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent


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Dec 2015
Like i said, Suleiman was quite brutal due to killing two of his sons and best friend, you must have a little bit of stomach to understand that, but still he was considered, and i agree with that statement, as one of the most calm and one of those sultans that executed a lesser number of people unlike those before and after him. I mean, Mehmed the Conqueror order his guards to strangle his BABY brother. Sultan Mehmed, third sultan after Suleiman executed nearly 20 of his brothers. That's tragic. Not death of greedy Ibrahim-pasha and unstable princes such as Mustafa and Bayezid. WhatAnArtist talked about Selim that haven't killed Suleiman and being better than him thanks to that, but that just not beign true. You see Selim was way more paraonid then his son. He banishes his father who died somewhere on the way to that province, i forgett it's name on unknown circumstances. Killed many of his brothers. Try to KILL Suleiman two times while he was governing Manisa for NO REASON. He wasn't victim of depression after any of the murders while Suleiman died in saddnes for Ibrahim in the first place, then Mustafa, etc. Also in foreign policy Suleiman wasn't nearly a monster his dad was. Before war with Ismail's Persia sultan Selim massacred nearly 40 thousand shia Qizlibashes in eastern Anatolia. Suleiman benefitet people under him just like MJuingong said, nobody was forced to convert to islam, taxes were delayed after conquering, defenders were always assisted in leaving the place, not to mention his laws that were even used in France and UK with many of them still being used today in someway or another in Turkey, his great buildings constructed by Mimar Sinan in Istanbul, Bosnia, he was involved in building of Taj Mahal as well. Also Suleiman shared some western values which is terribly rare for that time. He was fan of art, he married, etc. It's just stupid to talk about him in worse context than any sultan. His father was most brutal sultan of all of them. That's important.
Ever since I have reading Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Has Violence Declined by Steven Pinker, I understand that even people of the early and middle 20th century can be considered racists and bigots today.
How did Suleiman the Magnificent compare with his contemporaries?
Aug 2019
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Suleiman racist? I don't think so. One quite multicultural leader for that period. Example being that during his final campaign in Szigetvar he executed some pasha of his that was tormenting nearby christian population. He was just impressed by French or Venetian courts. It was about territory while fighting Charles V while at the same time he had a huge respect for him, it is even said that Suleiman was sad when Charles died in 1558 due to him getting old too and thinking when two of them (most remarkable leaders of that era) leave this world Europe will be leaderless. Somehow it was true. Suleiman cried when seeing young Ludwing laying dead on Mohacs field which is proven by written records. Racist will be interested in annihilating enemy's culture, religion, people, etc. Empathy is not in racist nature. Nevermind 20 century leaders. Time doesn't have anything in common with are you multicultural and emotional or do you hate everyone around.