sumerians are blacks

Jul 2019
they say it themselves
sumetians are sag gig ga , black people
sag means people , someone
ga means people as people to pasture as in sipa sag gig ga , the shepherd of the black heads , shepherd of pasture which have black heads
it's not related to hairs hair in sumerian is kezer , kes close to dravidian kes ( hair) and as in keshava ( the long haired god, Krishna )
scalp is ugudili and head hair is sikupa , hair is also siki as in austric sok PSD: home page
sumerians are dravidians
Anunakis means the people of the sky in Tamil, An is the god of the sky the Dravidiens say that their ancestors believe in An of which they recognize three states An sooryan, the luminous sky, Vaan An the blue sky, and An Pandyan the sky provider of rain , the anunaki are the angels of Tamil An noon a ki,
the sumerians are dravidians
sag gig ga the people of the black people / heads

sag means head, human people
top of head says ugudili, hair says kezer, kes also saq
their king Nimrod was son of Cush grandson of Cham
the Greeks called the Sumerians the cephenes and distinguished two peoples in mesopotamia the semites and the cephenes, the blacks. Hellanicus met them on the southern edge of the Euphrates De la race qui précéda les Sémites en Chaldée et en Susiane - Persée
the sumerians believe in only one god An the god of the sky
their worship is still practiced in the Caucasus in Abkhazia where the Abkhaz believe in Antzva the god of the sky

Indeed the ancient Dravidians said that their ancestors believed in An the god of the sky and distributed three states to him An Sooryan the sky provider of light, Vaan An the blue sky and An Pandyan the sky provider of rain
They seem to be linked to the idea of mount Meru the mount of the divinity the mount from which the light springs the mount from which the world was created

Zigurrat of Aratta

Zigurrat of Ur

Mount Meru (Nataraja temple)

Sumerian is also a Tamil language
arukan sumérien arhus "benevolent person". Tamil avvai Sumerian. abbe "speak". Tamil aakkiNai, aaNai, aknja Sumerian agga, aga 'command'. Sumerian akki igi eye. Tamil Ukkiram Sumerian ug-gu "furious". Tamil uruttiran Sumerian Urudu 'copper'. Ukrainian Sumerian Ulaku, Ukrainian 'people'. Sumerian katai ka-ta-a-a 'self-expression desired'. Tamil Karumam Sumerian gar-u 'to set up'. Tamil Sumerian carvam sar-ra 'all'. Tamil cakkaram Sumerian sukur 'weapon, javeline'. Tamil cakalam Sumerian sugil 'all'. Tamil cettu, cittam Sumerian sid, sed, think, count, recite etc. Tamil ceesu ciidan, Sumerian ses Tamil sisya his "brother, child". Sumerian damhara tamoul tamharam'bataille, guerre 'Tamil ticai Smerien. te 'direction, Sumerian manuci tamil manusi' woman '. Tamil ciivan Sumerian zi 'life'.Tamil caalai Sumerian sila' road'.Tamil kaNi, kaNitam Sumerian kin 'to reckon'.

the sumerians are dravidians mc / articles / PMC4192148 one / article? id = 10.1371 / daily on the .pone.0073682

the Sumerian cult also exists in Abkhazia where the Abkhaz believe in Antzva the god of the sky

similarly the person sag in sumerian says sag in chechene pstag, psag, stag in abkhaze, stag in other languages of the caucasus

proof that the sumerians have influenced the languages of the caucasus
Jul 2019
elamites too are blacks
the concept of negroide is racist
a black is not someone who has a flat nose for example the ethiopians and if you tell me that they are mixed i would mention the afars they have straight noses and fine lips
using the negroide argument amounts to disregarding the established proofs the elamites are designated by the Greeks as Ethiopians from Asia, moreover it is they who are depicted on the frieze because they are moreover vassals of the Iranians they are blacks of dravidians they have the same features as iranians because uranians saw them thus, note moreover that they have almost the same color as koushites and that you nevertheless consider these last ones as black
the analysis of the frieze shows that a black people is vassal of the iranians and this can only be elamites because the greek sources establish the existence of a black people in iran and this is the elamite people moreover the iranians state that the first people they encountered were black the daesyas and the elamites preexisted before the arrival of the Iranians
so they were black