Superior military power Prussia or United States


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We can't take these kinds of threads too literally. This works just fine if we treat it as an opportunity to discuss military affairs in the mid-19th century. Without this thread I would have had no reason to mention the growing importance of staff work, railroads, or breech loaders. Lee Sensei would have had no reason to rank the various powers. Dentatus would not have mentioned what made a staff function effectively.

But yes, we moderators have in the past moved these types of threads to Speculative. So now it's moved.


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No question , the U.S, federal army of 1865 was the best on the globe at the time
way more battle practice ,

around 1862 , not so much , the Prussians would have the advantage
a big factor would be weaponry ,
the Prussians had the advantage with their Dreyse gun and their Krupp 90mm cast steel field gun
they had just reformed their army and proved it's potency during the second Schleswig war
Oct 2019
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Where would you rank them amongst the military powers of the time?
The US was the pre-eminent power in the Americas with sufficient navy and military assets to defeat an invasion.
On the European continent I'd proffer Prussia and the German states. It successfully beat the other major land contenders at the time noted.
Neither power has the transport capacity to project substantial force against each other's continent.

Also, we should be leery of comparing standing armies. Outside of the ACW, the US did not need a large standing army given its location. It relied on geography and its navy to make an invasion not logistically possible.
Jun 2017
If Prussian armies of Austro-Prussian War were to face the ACW Union or Confederate forces, could they come out on top? If the united states were to replace France during the Franco-Prussian war, how much better would they have performed?
Prussia in terms of army, USA in terms of navy. USA would be weaker at this point but the Prussian navy was such a joke it wasn't even really considered part of the military(they didn't receive medals for the Franco-Prussian war) so I don't know how they'd manage to attack the USA(and yes even the CSA which developed quite a few ironclads) whose navies were not only larger but were among the first to develop ironclads which paved the way for battleships(French and UK got there around same time I think give or take).

So guess this battle wouldn't be possible because Prussian soldiers had no way to get there.


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It would depend on who the Kyrellian Armada observing from the Rings of Saturn decided to back, and transport either the American army to Europe or the Prussian army to America for starters.
It would also depend on which of these two sides has the support of the Penguin Army on the Antarctic Front:

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