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Oct 2008
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Was Saville Row up and running by 1895, in the sense that a well to do business owner might go there for a suit in order to wear some of the the prestige on his wirey shoulders? Or was tailoring a common trade across London and so Saville Row wouldn't be exceptional and it's only seen as now because it has survived into our modern day, factory farmed suiting industry?

My character needs to buy a suit, and I don't know where to send him.

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"[ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Savile_Row"]Saville Row[/ame]" is a street in Mayfair. The general shopping district in London was Bond Street, with Old Bond Street the traditional enclave of gentleman shoppers, and New Bond Street for ladies. Your gentleman would go to his tailor--the top tailors usually didn't take any old client as they made clothing for the bevy of aristocracy, royalty and gentlemen who were long-time customers. If your man is a social climber, he would have to be introduced to a tailor by a friend, and then he would have his measurements taken and placed in a file for future reference. Because these tailors made bespoke garments, you can't have your character pop over and expect to have a suit made up in a few days. For that, there were the department stores where ready-made clothing was available (though, ready-made clothing was only really worn by the middle classes and upwardly mobile working classes).

Take your man to Poole for clothing, Hoby for shoes and boots, Walpole Bros for his linen, and Heath for his hats.


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