Taking notes while reading history books?

Do you take notes while reading history books?

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Is this something that you do or recommend?

Reading while taking notes is something that I never really did. And I assumed everyone else was the same because you can't properly enjoy a story if you are stopping every few seconds to take a few notes. And it takes MUCH longer to read then. But the thing is that after a few months, you will forget most of what you read. So notes would be a helpful tool to look back at, especially when trying to debate a topic with someone who is knowledgeable on the subject. Some might say to read it without taking notes the first time and then read it while taking notes the second time, but that usually takes a much longer time and many people don't have the attention span or energy (especially those of us that rent books and are busy with life). Though that would probably be the ideal strategy.

By the way, when I'm talking about taking, I generally think of taking notes on Microsoft Word or something. And the types of books I usually read are hard copies. That's my situation at least, just so you know where I'm coming from. But if those cases don't apply to you, feel free to specify.

So the question is, do you just read books and hope that you will remember most of what you read for as long as possible? Or do you take notes of certain points in the book to look back at in the future? Also, what strategy would you recommend?

It depends of your reading's purpose. If you want to get a general idea on the issue, or is a reading like story, taking notes break the magic.

But if you're writing a paper or a book, and you need this reading for your work, then taking tons of notes is a must

Many people sometimes get a mid point: a rational amount of notes, on very relevant issues, here and there throug the reading
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I don't like to take notes or highlight because I feel that it ruins my books, but, then again, I'm still not the best at taking care of my books anyway, so...

I often set up a doc of some kind where I keep record of interesting things I find, or a side doc for important notes for a paper or script I'm working on.