Tang Dynasty vs Song Dynasty period East Asia Military, Economic and Technology capability

Jan 2019
Southeast Asia
How do the power of various Tang Dynasty period East Asian polities compare to Song Dynasty period polities in a hypothetical war with each other?

What change in technology, tactics, culture or economy for example?

Just assume that the Zhou Dynasty of Wu Zetian is part of the Tang Dynasty.

The time period would be Tang and others from 618-763 and from 763-907. For Song, it would be from 979-1125 and 1127-1279

some of Tang Dynasty period polities:

Tang Dynasty
Tibetan Empire
Western/Eastern Turkic Khaganate/Second Turkic Khaganate
Uyghur Khaganate
Asuka Period Japan
Tarim Basin City States

and some for the Song period:

Song Dynasty
Liao Dynasty/Kara Khitan
Xi Xia
Jin Dynasty
Mongol Empire/Yuan Dynasty
Dali Kingdom
Dai Viet
Heian Period/Kamakura Period Japan
Khotanese Kingdom
Qocho Kingdom
Guiyi Circuit
Tibetan states