Taxation in England during the late medieval period


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Mar 2013
[QUOTE="Chlodio, post: 3168511] Some Churchmen may have been more inclined to be charitable than secular lords.[/QUOTE]

That "may" is actually very hard to say for certain. There were some really merciless Bishops who extorted or even attacked parishioners to get their rightful tithe and aggressively south to expand their lands often working in conjunction with other family members by bribing both church officials and representatives of the king. I think this may have been slightly more common on the continent especially in Germany and Italy but there are some anecdotal stories of it similar things happening within England- the main benefit for England was the at due to the Norman conquest land ownership was spread all over and took many centuries to become concentrated- this affected the churches, as well as the nobility where more often disputes were locally settled and absentee landowners were relatively rarer until almost the industrial era.