technological nightmare


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Jan 2010
Eugene, Oregon
but they did avoid congestion, did they not ?
:lol: Like that is the really important goal.

Did you look at the videos? There is bumper to bumper morning commute traffic driving into the burning mountains. Now that is employee devotion. :lol:

I think horses would be moving away from the burning mountain road, not into it. Oh, well, just another day, in burning California. :lol:


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Apr 2010
T'Republic of Yorkshire
You see a burning fire. You drive towards it. You carry on driving, despite the increasing heat and danger.

If you die, don't blame the app, blame the fact that you're from the shallow end of the gene pool.


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Oct 2010
The lesson to be learned, "don't rely on apps too much". Who knows, the app may be having a huge laugh about this while thinking that it serves them right for not using maps and common sens instead.