Tet Offensive (also known as General Offensive - Tet Offensive 1968) - Vietnam History

Nov 2019
The Tet Offensive (also known as the General Offensive - Tet Offensive 1968) was a general offensive and mobilized the popular uprising to seize power on the occasion of the People's Army Tet 1968. Vietnam and the Liberation Army of South Vietnam on most territory of the Republic of Vietnam. It was one of the largest military campaigns and had a landmark role and consequence in the Vietnam War.

Three years after the direct combat, the US army prevented the Republic of Vietnam from falling into the hands of the Liberation of South Vietnam, but the Americans could not pacify the South. Understanding the weakness of the US side, their army was bogged down in the extremely expensive war of attrition, and the public opinion of both the people and the political world in the US became increasingly impatient and the movement anti-war intensified as the army engaged in combat for too long abroad, the Liberation Army planned a battle that resonated, "A big blow to unleash political capabilities" (as the words of General Secretary Le Duan) to create a breakthrough for the war, to force the United States down the war ladder, to accept to sit in negotiations.