Teutonic Siege Weapons

Aug 2011
Gaillimh (Ireland)
The territory of the Teutonic State had fairly abundant forests, so the most common siege weapons used by the monastic were trebuchets,catapults and ballistae(similar to the ancient Roman version)
These weapons were pretty efficient against timber castles, that were prevalent in the Baltic.
From the 15th century onwards, the teutonic Order also used bombards; I think that they possessed a small amount of them and that they were surely inferior to Italian and French artillery pieces.
Apr 2011
I read that the Teutonics hired French artillery, is this true? And if so, what kind of artillery? Trebuchets or cannon style artillery?
The things which is known for sure is that the army of Teutonic order did use artillery in the battle of Grunwald/Tannenberg 1410. However it looks like it wasnt effective and didnt play any role in the battle.

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