the 4th and defending democracy


Ad Honorem
Jan 2010
Eugene, Oregon
It seems evident to me that our consciousness is wrapped around wars and those who fight in them like ancient civilizations when empires were ruled by the elite and a king or pharaoh and a religion kept everyone in line.

During the age of enlightenment ideas of utopia began to bloom and spread and all this flipped into the terror of the 20th century. People got the whacko idea that somehow the goodness of man could be unleashed through acts of terror, war, genocide, revolutions.

The human potential that we want is advanced with education and the philosophy that manifest democracy. We need to honor our teachers, journalist and civic leaders who defend our democracy.

Our technological society with unknown values is a false hope of utopia, without the wisdom of civilization manifested through philosophy and education for democracy, and protected by teachers, journalist and civic leaders who had that education.