The achievements of Li Yuan

Apr 2012
The Netherlands
From what I've read emperor Li Yuan/Gaozu does not seem to have a very strong reputation despite founding a dynasty. In many of my sources its his son Li Shimin who's depicted as the real driving force behind the establishment of the Tang dynasty. Li Yuan needed to be tricked by his greater son before he even made a move for conquest to begin with. Li Yuan seems to have been at his best when he sat back and let Li Shimin do his thing and at his worst when he allowed himself to be easily duped by his others sons to move against Li Shimin.

And this portrayal does make sense. Li Yuan ended up deposed by Li Shimin so perhaps the future Taizong emperor deemed it wise to drag his fathers name through the mud in order to justify his rebellion against his father.

So my question would be how much the first Tang emperor contributed to the dynasty and if his flaws were real or a fabrication of an usurper that needed to justify his rebellion.

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