The Alamo - Disney 1955 version


Ad Honoris
Jul 2013
San Antonio, Tx
The Davy Crockett TV show was a big hit in the UK too. I well remember the "coonskin" hats (rabbit I think)--although they were sold, my Grandmother made one for me and for a whole load of other kids from one of her old coats.
Didn't last long though--within a short time Robin Hood was all the rage and we all had to have Robin-hood hats, then there was a feather headdress or a mask either for the Lone Ranger or for the last of the Mohicans------

------------all of which brings up the thought--when one looks at those 1950s kids TV shows now and compares them to modern offerings, they didn't patronise youngsters. No trying to "get-down" with the kids--they had swashbuckling and adventure, good-guys and bad guys and didn't try to offer subliminal moral lessons. They all had good theme tunes too, although only about five different story lines
Or am I just thinking that nostalgia isn't what it used to be?
I grew up during the craze too. I had a fine buckskin fringed jacket I was very proud of. That song still rings in my head. I had to grow up a bit more to realize that a lot of Crockett's story was complete and utter drek, totally untrue, except that he died at the Alamo. Only, not during the battle itself. I have occasionally seen a snippet of a rerun here and there and realize just how sophomoric the whole thing was. I guess we didn't think so at the time.
Apr 2018
While scanning through the TV guide I noticed that the 1955 Davy Crockett, Disney version, with Fess Parker and Buddy Ebsen, was on one of the very high numbered channels. I had to put it on and kind of watched it while doing other things.

I remembered watching that series as a wee lad and have very fond memories of it. The show was a big national phenomenon, selling loads of associated products. I even remember having a Davy Crockett Coonskin cap. (I suspect most of my memories of the series are based on reruns shown on the Disney Wonderful World of Color, because I was only 4 at the time of the first broadcast.)

Two things struck me:

1. The Alamo scenes were shot with a very small cast; I doubt if more than 40 actors were on screen at any given moment. I did not remember that small of a cast at all, probably due to the influence of John Wayne and Tommy Lee Jones Alamo movies.

2. Fess Parker segued into the Daniel Boone TV series without even changing his clothes. Other than a name change and the absence of Buddy Ebsen, he played the exact same character.
Both Disney's version and the 9 years later Daniel Boone TV series (64-70) were great entertainment value. Ive got original press releases for one of the Davy Crockett episodes (not sure if the first? or which?) as well as the Chicago Tribune's one and only original for the Premier of Daniel Boone. Anyway, costumes did change. Crockett's "Coonskin" and Boone's "Coonskin" caps were very noticeably different. However, being costume props-they made the cut nicely-though the Disney version was a bit too big (at least) in the press photo I have.

What went wrong with Daniel Boone series-it was too Disneyized. Israel also became too much of the story instead of staying true to the first season format-2nd for that matter.