The allied occupation of France: 1815-1818


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Feb 2010
Canary Islands-Spain
One of the less known events in modern history was the Allied military occupation of defeated France, kind of WWII occupation of Germany

What is known about this period and what important facts must be adknowledged?

Dec 2017
Regnum Teutonicum
Do you know why they did it this way?
I mean why is there a prussian salient between the russian and austrian occupation zones, why is Corsica the birth place of Napoleon not occupied and why doesn't Britain occupy Brittany?
Mar 2016
why is Corsica the birth place of Napoleon not occupied
Because Corsica was and is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of French power? It's not as if the Corsicans were going to stage an ambitious rescue plan for Napoleon. They were the ones that exiled him and his family in the 1790s.
May 2017
In the Gard,department which was victim of the "white terror", the austrian-hungaria army was very well organized.To prevent troubles between catholics and protestants,the austrian soldiers,who were catholics,lived in the catholics villages,and the hungarian soldiers,who were protestants,lived in the protestants villages...

Edric Streona

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Feb 2016
Paris itself had troops from Russia, Prussia. .Austria and GB in it. Lots of French amateur artists left sketches and paintings of troops there.

I had no idea Bavarian troops were stationed around it though.
May 2017
Of course and especially by the muppet s army of the duque of Angoulême,arrived in the suitcases of Wellington and Fernando VII.