The Battle of Berlin: April 1945. Could the Germans have won?

Oct 2016
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What if the Axis forces had won the Battle of Berlin in 1945?

On 16 April 1945, two Soviet army groups attacked Berlin from the east and south, while a third overran German forces positioned north of Berlin.

Before the main battle in Berlin commenced, the Red Army encircled the city after successful battles of the Seelow Heights and Halbe. The Red Army then gradually took the entire city. The city's garrison surrendered on 2 May.

But what if the Germans had won the battle of Berlin? Could this have happened? Was there any way the defenders could have successfully held onto the city?


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This battle was unnecessary and better suited to some Wagnerian operatic drama than any worthwhile military purpose ,
Gotterdammerung ......the twilight of the Gods

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Apr 2017
In the extremely unlikely event they did repulse the Soviet attacks, the Red army would just resupply and attack again. If Hitler hadn't committed suicide yet the war would go on till he did. If he was already dead, the Nazi leaderships would probably surrender anyway. A successful defense of Berlin would be heralded as a last victory for Germany.


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There is a memorable scene in the film "Battle of the Bulge" when an officer brings the contents of an intercepted American mail bag that contained a fresh birthday cake sent three days before from a mother to her son serving on the front line to the Commander. He points out that the Allies have the resources to fly a cake from the US to a front-line soldier whereas they needed six months to obtain insufficient fuel and ammunition for their attack.
Germany's defeat was inevitable after "Torch" and unavoidable by any means after the Normandy breakout. The Battle of Berlin was just the twitching of a corpse.


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Perhaps if the Fliegendeschweine had arrived, they'd have been able to win.


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As Hitler sat in his bunker, he gave frequent orders for counter-attacks, often to formations that no longer existed. He would regain the initiative, employ his new miracle weapons and achieve ultimate victory by sheer will. NO DOUBT!
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