The Best and Worst Habsburgs

Feb 2019
Partially inspired b the ''Best and Worst Rulers of France'' thread this asks the question of who do you consider the ''best'' and ''worst'' of the Habsburgs. Note that the selection is not limited to Austria and also counts in other countries that were ruled by the Habsburgs such as Spain. This thread is focused on rulers so people like Archduke Charles or John of Austria don't count.
Sep 2016
Rudolf I of Habsburg
Maximilian I
Charles V
Philip II of Spain
Leopold I
Joseph I
Maria Theresa
Jan 2013
Toronto, Canada
He may not have been the best ruler, but my favourite Hapsburg is Ferdinand V - Ich bin der Kaiser und ich will Knödel! (I am the emperor and I want dumplings!)
Apr 2010
evergreen state, USA
If my genealogical research is correct (kind of iffy), the Habsburgs are my distant cousins. I was first lured to check on Marie Antoinette, then added various relatives. If I am related to the Habsburgs, then so are many of you Englanders. The connecting ancestor is Theodoric/Thierry II of Lorraine. His son Simon started the long line leading to the Habsburgs.


Ad Honoris
Oct 2010
Jpsoeph II. A major reformer. Religion, Legal, Taxation, Governance, Eductaion, Health. While not always sucessful in his pretty ambitious program achieved much. One of the Bunch of Enlighten Despots, (Napoleon, Alexander, Frederick) achived teh most real reforms of any of them.

Feb 2019
Charles V and Philip II naturally.

John of Bohemia deserves a shout for his conduct at the Battle of Crecy.