The best dressed soldiers in history?


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Jan 2017
the colors were usually nearly true when new , after some months campaigning it was somewhat indiscriminate


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Dec 2014
It's quite interesting how the actual photos of real troops on campaign differ from the imaginary or parade-ground paintings of beautiful coloured uniforms

I agree... many people think in 19th Century (Napoleon) war was very "colorist"... it was only in pictures and parade uniforms... in campaign... Napoleon´s troops looked as "something gray" because their hoods...

1914 - 1918.. Austrohungarian and French had beautiful uniforms.. but they changed them and wore Feldgrau and Blue horizon....

About colonial uniforms I like Spanish and British

in 1898... some yankees veterans thought Spanish infantry were confederates!... because in far distance.. "rayadillo" looked as "gray colour"...
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Jan 2018
The Spanish colonial uniform seems one of the most practical ever.

In the 1880s American infantry campaigning against Apaches in Arizona and northern Mexico, lacking a practical field uniform, campaigned in their long underwear. But you never saw that in a movie.
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Oct 2016
the silly and impractical bits are they hats but they were designed to make the wearer taller and more intimidating during battle, there were more practical forage caps available.
I think the idea of the tall hats was to protect from being bonked on the noggin.
splains why Bobbies traditionally have the big hats
IIRC some were made of cork

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