The best dressed soldiers in history?

Mar 2017
I think the idea of the tall hats was to protect from being bonked on the noggin.
splains why Bobbies traditionally have the big hats
IIRC some were made of cork

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Pith helmets had cork so you could soak the cork in water ... and let it drip on your head to keep you cool while searching for Dr. Livingston or chasing heathens with the French Foreign Legion.

They still make them for the same reason ... well, maybe for different motives than Victorian adventurers.


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Jan 2017
the foreign legion had kepis with cloth over the nap of the neck
tall hats are useful in hot climate to keep the hot surface of the hat away from the skull , some ventilation holes are often provided
the alternative is various turbans


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Dec 2014
I think the "salakot" is from the Philippines.
Right. a Seaborne Province. Salakot was used by first time by the Spanish Army in East Indies.. however, the hat was widely wore though.

Salacot came from tagalo Salakat. Spanish marines uniform around 1870 in East Indies.

Uniforms wore by Sp troops in Joló in 1894.

Mindanao, 1896

Manila, 1876