The best leaders that your country has never had?

Nov 2014
Meet Eleftherios Venizelos. A charismatic man who was responsible for doubling the territories of Greece. He was an advocate of the Megali idea(great idea). His plan was for Greece to cover all the territories where Greeks dwelled . Among them were what is now European Turkey and Western Turkey. He actually almost succeeded it. In 1919 the treaty of Sevres gave Greece most of what is now European Turkey except Istanbul/Constantinople and the area of Izmir/Smyrna in Anatolia.
He was about to make “Greece great again”. Unfortunately for him , he made a mistake and held elections in the midst of war. He wasn’t even elected an mp because of the oddities of the voting system( even though his party took most of the votes it came in second with a big margin). The new government isolated by the international community and with the lack of financial aid was soundly defeated and the Asia Minor catastrophe occurred .
After the Turkish war of independence, or Anatolian disaster( depending on which side someone sees it) Venizelos returned in power , but Greece was never the same again. By then it was a country full of impoverished Greek refugees , impoverished locals , a problematic economy and an unstable democratic regime. Does this remind you of modern Greece ? If yes , this is where the landslide of modern Greece began .
I agree with most of what you are saying!
However the question was for someone who never became a leader!
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