The best portrayal of emperor Tiberius

May 2011
Navan, Ireland
I thought he played Tiberius really well and his 'bad' character faults could be seen to have causes, he wasn't simply bad and his character had dimensions.

Pity they don't remake the series.


Ad Honorem
Feb 2012
A somewhat more whimsical approach to Tiberius can be seen in the old feature film Ben Hur (The one with Charlton Heston in it). There's a rather avant garde attempt at him in a film about Caligula made by Gore Vidal in 1979 with Peter O'Toole as the old man surrounding himself with strange companions (though they did film one of Tiberius' habits of forcing a man to drink heavily whilst prevented from relieving himself - see Suetonius for an account of this)
Mar 2017
At the end of "I Claudius", Tiberius is the very definition of "corrupt" ... in every possible way. He doesn't have to speak a word: they made him repulsive. Very hard to reconcile with that handsome head- shot of the actor.

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