The "Bomb Launchers" of the People's Liberation Army or Red Army: Did they exist? How effective?


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Dec 2015
Literally "Flying Mine Guns"(飞雷炮) or "the conscienceless guns"(没良心炮), they were area-wide, relatively cheap weapons of the People's Liberation Army or earlier, the Red Army:


As the picture illustrates, they were fairly crude weapons that delivered area-wide destruction; they fired explosive packages that were similar to landmines; hence the name.
Did these weapons exist?
How powerful were such weapons?
What were the differences between common shells and "explosive packages"?


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Feb 2011
Don't see how they would work. A barrel needs to be thick to withstand the pressure and there would be a lot of escaped gas, which means the pressure that could be used to throw the projectile would instead escape out of the barrel ahead of the projectile. There's probably something I'm missing, but seems like a poor man's artillery at best.