The case of Rahaf: Is it a precedent?


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Dec 2015
The case of Rahaf is quite high-profile in Canada, my adopted country.
She is said to suffer from family violence and forced marriage, and she renounced Islam.
I cannot deny the possibility of sincerity; then, are we opening a huge can of worms?

A few Islamic countries have strict apostasy laws; even in Islamic countries where apostasy laws are not enforced, ex-Muslims face very substantial dangers.
Would this set a precedent? The common opinion is that family violence and forced marriage can be used as an excuse.
Another thing is: As long as people renounce Islam, they can seek refuge; with widespread hypocrisy, people are not always what they profess to be.
The suspicious mind may think about "undercover terrorists".


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Aug 2015
I would give Rahab the benefit of the doubt. At 18 she is a too young to have taken such a drastic step. Let's wait and see how she adjusts to the rigors and freedoms of western culture.

Most Muslim countries have medieval style punishments when it comes leaving Islam:

Apostasy - Wikipedia


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Jan 2011
The express Canadian decision would be suspicious except for the fact that the saudis and the canadians have been trading barbs for a while... so the canadians jumped at this occasion to rub the saudi's nose in it

As for the girl, yes she was probably in trouble but not more than millions or 10s of millions like her in the muslim world... How many is Canada going to take in ?

I dont think she is a terrorist danger, she is probably just opportunistic and quite honestly in her circumstances I would have probably done somethinkg similar