The Celts at "Golasecca"


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Oct 2011
Italy, Lago Maggiore
Not far from where I live there is a very important archaeological site from the age of the early Celts who settled here. Obviously [for who knows where I live, on Lake Maggiore] I'm making reference to the culture of Golasecca.

The site is the necropolis at Monsorino. That site has suffered of a tremendous misinterpretation by an abbot, Giovanni Battista Giani, who thought, in XIX century, that the structures he found in the woodlands [stone circles] were Roman. The merit of the right identification is to be recognized to Pompeo Castelfranco who understood the Celtic nature of the structures individuated by Giani. He simply recognized a set of "Cromlech" and he determined that the culture who built them existed between the VIII and the VII century BCE. But [as any good Italian "archaeologist" of XIX century!] he made some damages. He used some big hatpins to see if there was something under the surface of the soil ... the result is that not a few pieces of pottery of the culture of Golasecca present curious scratches caused by a hatpin! Castelfranco is not above suspicion about this ...

Now, my problem is that I note that there aren't comprehensive sources on the net in English about this site.

Articles are in Italian.

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