the chinese diva mummy

Apr 2015
i find this absoluteyl amazing.
Is a mummy they found in china. It's 2100 years old noble lady and is considered to be the best preserved ancient human ever found. This is how an article describes it:

her skin was still moist and elastic, her joints still flexible, every feature still remained intact down to her eyelashes and the hair in her nostrils, and blood still remained in her veins. When she was removed from the tomb, Oxygen took an immediate toll on her body and so the state in which she is seen today does not accurately reflect how she was found. Nevertheless, when forensic scientists conducted an autopsy on the Diva Mummy, they were stunned to discover that the body was in the same state as an individual who had recently died

here the full article

this is a full documentary on the subject

we're all familiar with egiptians mummifying tecniques but apparently we are going to find that china has a lot to say on the subject.
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Jul 2015
Xin Zhui 辛追 the Lady/Marquise of Dai. Excavated at Mawangdui, her remains dating to the early years of the Western Han Dynasty. That preservation is just incredible. One could only wonder how her body was preserved so well, apart from the ultra airtight coffin she was sealed in. Kinda strange how her body is so well preserved while other Han Dynasty mummies with the fancy jade burial suits such as Liu Xiu don't even come close to the level of preservation the Lady of Dai has achieved.