The Chronicle of Tachibana Dosetsu's military career (Part One)

Jul 2018
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Tachibana Dosetsu was bornt at 1513, dead at 1585.立花道雪 (Chinese wikipedia)

Here is my self-organised chronology of Tachibana Dosetsu's military career :

* The most noteworthy major campaigns / battles are marked with much larger and bold text.

Early Career

AD 1526 : Storming of the Umagatake Castle (馬ヶ岳城)
AD 1535 : Suppression of the Kikuchi Clan's Rebellion (菊池氏の反乱)
AD 1542 : Storming of the Takatoriyama Castle (鷹取山城)
AD 1546 : Participation in the Suppression of Akizuki Fumitane's Rebellion (秋月文種の反乱)
AD 1553 March : Suppression of Saito Kozaemon's Rebellion (齊藤小左衛門の反乱)
AD 1553 May : Suppression of Ohara Nakamoto and Honjo Osamutsuna (小原鑑元 + 本庄統綱の反乱)
AD 1553 September 13th : Capture of Matsuyama Castle (松山城) from the Mori vassal lord Shigetoshi Sugi (杉重吉)
AD 1557 : Suppression of Akizuki Fumitane and Tsukushi Korekado's Rebellion (秋月文種 + 筑紫惟門の反乱), ended up with pacification of part of the Chikuzen province (筑前国) and the Hizen province (肥前国 )
AD 1558 October : First Battle of Moji Castle (第一次門司城の戦い) — recaptured the castle
AD 1559 August-September : Defeated Munakata Ujisada (宗像氏貞), captured all three of his major castles ; then captured Yamaga Castle (山鹿城), but failed to capture the Ujisada Island due to heavy resistance

The Mori clan was coming ! The northern Kyushu was in great turmoil !

AD 1561 : Fourth Battle of Moji Castle (第四次門司城の戦い) — ended up with withdrawal
AD 1562-63 : Fifth Battle of Moji Castle (第五次門司城の戦い) — stalemale
AD 1563 March : Battle of Yanagiura (柳浦の戦い) with the Mori Army
AD 1565 June - July : Suppression of Tachibana Akirano's Rebellion (立花鑑載の反乱), captured Tachibanayama Castle (立花山城)
AD 1566 : Under the instigation of Mori Motonari, the great rebellion composed of many native clans broke out in the northern Kyushu ! Dosetsu was ordered to suppress the rebellion with 20,000 men gathered from the Higo, Chikugo and Bungo province.
AD 1567 July : Repulsed Takahashi Akitane (高橋鑑種)'s incursion ; Suppression of Saito Shigezane and Tsukushi Hirokado's Rebellion (齋藤鎮實 + 筑紫広門の反乱)
AD 1567 August 14th : Battle of Uryuno (瓜生野の戦い) — first clash with Akizuki Tanezane (秋月種實)
AD 1567 August 15th : Captured Yasumimatsu Castle (休松城) ; Akizuki Tanezane retreated to his homebase, Koshosan Castle (古処山城 )
AD 1567 September 3-4th : Battle of Yasumimatsu (休松の戦い) — received the news that the Mori clan's reinforcement was approaching, Dosetsu retreated, Tanezane intensely pursuited, triggered the major battle between both sides, ended up with tremendous casualties inflicted upon the Otomo army. It was Dosetsu's first notable crushing defeat in his military career, yet also exhibited his extraordinary bravery and leadership in the process.
AD 1568 April-July : Siege of Tachibana Castle (立花山城の陣)
AD 1568 August 19th : A number of native clans including Akizuki surrendered ; the Chikuzen province was pacified again.
AD 1569 March 23th : Storming of the Seifukuji Castle (勢福寺城) owned by the Ryuzoji Clan (龍造寺家)
AD 1569 April-May : The large Mori army besieged Tachibanayama Castle ! Dosetsu was ordered to lift the siege ; the Otomo army was gathering at Hakata Port (博多港).
AD 1569 May-November : Battle of Tatarahama (多々良浜の戦い) — Clash ! The largest battle fought against the Mori clan !
AD 1570 March 23th : Capture of Seifukuji Castle (勢福寺城) owned by the Ryujozi Clan (龍造寺家)
AD 1570 April 23th - August 20th : Participated in the Otomo clan's greatest military expedition — Inayama Campaign (今山の戦い), in which the Saka Castle (佐賀城, the Ryuzoji clan's homebase) was besieged by 60,000 men ! The Otomo army was defeated and forced to relinquish the siege ; this defeat marked the rise of power of the "Bear of Hizen" (肥前の熊) Ryuzoji Takanobu (龍造寺隆信).
AD 1571 : Relocated his fief to territories centered around Tachibanayama Castle, which would become the homebase of both Tachibana Dosetsu and later his adopted-son Muneshige from now on.

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